Cyprus Fashion Days Show Report

January 31, 2014

Moi Ostrov brings you more Fashion Action you might have missed during the night for the Cyprus Fashion Days Celebration Party 31.01.2014 that took place in Larnaca at the Galu Seaside Bar & Restaurant dedicated to our islands talented Fashion Designers presenting their designs.

See more highlight of the shows that took place that night:

A big Salute to the Menswear and accessories that was also on show such. Formal ready-to-wear ensemble by fashion designer Kristo Avraam with lots of polite preppiness to it with the black oval mens dufflebag to the pale pine green blazer jacket, grey waist coat matched with a white shirt and bow tie plus the navy blue trousers, clothes that are not only beautifully tailored but clothes that make men instantly look more handsome and elegant. A very wearable outfit by designer Kristo Avraam. Kristo Avraam