• November 21, 2014

    Tailoring is a strong part of Kristo Avraam’s mens fashion label, and from what we’ve seen so far at every season, he challenges that quality and tries to push it even more forward, but he always makes sure it is extremely wearable for day to more formal occasions. Kristo Avraam’s pieces during the show in earthy and nautical tones on trench coats and two […]

  • July 3, 2014

    Συμμέχει σε ένα project του εργοστασίου Richmart της Βουλγαρίας. Ο Κύπριος σχεδιαστής Kristo Avraam έχει επιλεγεί ανάμεσα σε δεκάδες ευρωπαίους σχεδιαστές αντρικής μόδας για να συμμετάσχει σε ένα project που έχει ξεκινήσει το εργοστάσιο Richmart στη Βουλγαρία. Ο σκοπός του project είναι οι σχεδιαστές που έχουν επιλεγεί να σχεδιάσουν μια συλλογή κοστουμιών που θα αποτελείται απο 10 σύνολα που να είναι εμπορεύσιμα αλλά ταυτόχρονα […]

  • May 28, 2014

    Made to Measure

  • May 18, 2014

    Constantly on the fashion radar Moi Ostrov has it covered for your fashion lusts and pleasures and so it was during last month’s fashion event “Okto me ena skopo” charity fashion show, that took place at the Presidential Palace Gardens in Nicosia were some of Cyprus’ s best fashion talents presented their collections. Each show had its own WOW factor and awed everyone enjoying […]

  • January 31, 2014

    Moi Ostrov brings you more Fashion Action you might have missed during the night for the Cyprus Fashion Days Celebration Party 31.01.2014 that took place in Larnaca at the Galu Seaside Bar & Restaurant dedicated to our islands talented Fashion Designers presenting their designs. See more highlight of the shows that took place that night: A big Salute to the Menswear and accessories that […]

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