Tailor Made – Bespoke

For the gentleman looking for something truly special, our Bespoke suit service is an encounter of opulence and refinement that every man should experience.
This service allows our client to become the designer choosing every detail from fabric, styling, lining and trims, creating a defined and confident investment that is truly unique in every way. Your body will be fully measured in store by Kristo Avraam who will hand cut and stitch the suit to fit your exact body shape.

The Fitting Process

N.B. The Bespoke service allows a client as many fittings they deem necessary.

  1. Your initial consultation with Kristo Avraam, who will then take your measurements of your entire body.
  2. A try-on of your new suit, this will give your tailoring consultant an opportunity to ensure the finest fit and for you to voice any changes you would like made.
  3. A further fitting where final tweaks can be made.
  4. A simple try-on and take away that day.

Made to Measure

Made by Kristo Avraam and completely hand-cut and stitched to your personal needs, the Made to Measure choice is for the gentleman looking for that extra touch of luxury.
These suits are made from an existing pattern that can be adapted to fit the shape of your body. They are also fully-canvased making for a sharper and cleaner fit down the entirety of your two or three piece, particularly good for super-lightweight cloths.
Details such as internal trimmings, linings, buttons and pockets can all be chosen by you in store meaning you can tweak your suit to fit your individual style with ease.

The Fitting Process

  1. Your initial consultation with Kristo Avraam, who will then take your measurements and advise on the design of your suit.
  2. Your suit has now been hand-finished and is ready for you to try on. This is your opportunity to fine-tune any details you desire. On occasion you may need a second fitting.
  3. A simple try-on and take away that day.

Ready to Wear

Kristo Avraam produces ready-to-wear clothing, intended to be worn without significant alteration. We use standard patterns, factory equipment, and faster construction techniques to keep costs low, compared to a custom-sewn version of the same item. You can find a variety of smart clothing, suits, blazers and shirts ready to be used without any fitting process.